Steve’s Update 5/3/2015

Hope everyone is doing well.  Here’s my latest updates.

Over at Seventh Sanctum I’m working on a Magical Power Generator for those oft anime/video game like magical abilites that are between magic and superpowers.  It takes a few poetic tweaks to get right, but the initial data is sorted.  I’m also going to finish up Way With Worlds and then re-edit that into a book, and I’ll probably finish up/start that this summer.

Muse Hack is going to go through some changes, I’ll keep you updated.  But for now, stay tuned.  Next week I’ll start exploring some shared-universe experiences.

I’m sorting out my next book projects in May, but the first is going to be a book on Project Management.  I need to see some folks want to get involved, and then take it from there.  So the future has . . . about 3 books or so into 2016.

Needless to say, I think that’ll be enough, so I’ll be focusing on other writing as well.

How are you folks doing?


– Steven Savage