Latest Update – Way With Worlds

So I did a huge update on Way With Worlds this weekend.  About 80+ pages edited.  I’m actually pretty pleased with it – I think I was being a bit harsh on some of the less well-written areas.  A lot of it is pretty good.

I’m going to try and get it to pre-readers next week – which gives me a two month break while my pre-readers go over it.  Mostly I want to have a review conceptual review more than anything else – the grammar and spelling will be the domain of my editor.  Grammar and spelling can be edited – its getting the actual concepts right that’s important since that’s kind of the goal.  Worldbuilding isn’t exactly a science, and I want to make sure my modest contribution to it is clear and helpful.

It’s also still huge – 462 pages at the last count and probably be about 500 pages with formatting.  This is gonna be a hefty one, but should be worth it – plus it’ll make a great gift!

  • Steve