Update – Sailor Moon Book

The good news is that Bonnie and I are back to the Sailor Moon Book – and making progress.  Work has me a bit busy, and the delay was a bit longer than expected, but we’re getting our groove back.


We’re at roughly a halfway point in our interviews, maybe more, and want to take time to analyze the data we have to see what we’ve found so far – it’ll hopefully give us some ideas of book structure and best approach.  Then we’ll get on with more interviews.  And, yes, that’s a hint.

Two things that are unexpected:

  1. We’re seeing some very common patterns, more than we expected.
  2. History of Sailor Moon is recorded very erratically.  It’s scattered among magazines, web articles, a few books, websites, and more.  This means we’ve had to add an extra month to just research things so we get the history right.  You could probably do a whole book on the history of Sailor Moon, but it won’t be us.  Yet.

I hope when this book comes out it inspires some full scientific studies of the series’ impact.  There’s a lot to study.

– Steve