Reality Show Generator – In Beta!

And here you go, the Beta of the Reality Show Generator!  My friend Ewen inspired me when he created a Reality Show game, and I figured I’d see what would happen when I tried it.  Plus it gave me a chance to try out some techniques for analyzing data which I covered earlier – short form, very effective, faster, but kinda less exciting than winging it.

It doesn’t cover the huge range of crazy titles you may see as many are individualized, but I think it does a pretty good job.  be sure to leave feedback so I can tweak it!

  • American Charity
  • Aunt Wives
  • Brazilian Teacher Trade
  • Canadian Martial Artists
  • Food Man
  • Genuine Legends of the Secret Service
  • Honest Histories of the Navy
  • Iron Boy
  • King Institute
  • Korean Owls
  • Miami Destruction
  • Mountain Institute
  • Northern Owls
  • Shanghai Cowboys
  • South American Diva
  • Toronto Capture
  • Treatment Boy
  • Trustworthy Legends of the Army
  • Wild West Wife Parents
  • Wrecker