The Fusion Food Generator Is A Go!

And here it is, the Fusion Food Generator!  It’s done, ready to go.  OK done enough to release anyway!  So enjoy such things as:

  • Teriyaki Potato and Ginger Spinach Argula with Bearnaise sauce
  • Sesame Pizza
  • Couscous Beet on Chips
  • Roe and Beet Leek on Biscuit
  • Chili Quesadilla
  • Barbecue Salsa and Sun-Dried Tomato Melon
  • Spicy Sweet-and-sour Buffalo with Chili sauce
  • Stuffed Olive Octopus with Sweet sauce
  • Habanero Almond and Spinach Goat
  • Saffron Egg and Artichoke Pumpkin on Pasta

As noted my focus on generators this year is probably going to be food (though I keep getting new ideas).  I’ve got plans for at least 2 more food generators, which may mean it warrants its own section eventually . . .

Let me know what you think!

– Steven