Steve’s Update 7/5/2016

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So there’s a lot going here, but let’s get to the big new release . . . or small release.  A new book!

I rewrote my old Skill Portability columns into a full guide on skill portability, complete with both hobbyist/fan and professional advice.  You can get it here – and it’s only 99 cents!

This is part of a larger experiment of mine to see about revising, compiling, combining, and improving old columns into something more focused and applicable.  I’ve got so much I’ve written I need to think about other formats to reach and help people.  Also looking for reviewers if you want!

OK now on to my other projects!

Way With Worlds

Bopping along with this.  I get what should be the final print copy this week, mostly to confirm the formatting.  Then I’ll regenerate the kindle file and be ready for launch end of the month.

Book 2 is coming back from editor this week.  Since I don’t intend to publish it until November (with so much else going on) I’m going to try some different editing techniques on it – mostly trying slower editing readthroughs as opposed to multiple readthroughs.  Looking forward to it as it’s a completely different focus than the first book – more specific areas of advice with more depth.

New Generators

Sorry I haven’t started a new one yet – things have been incredibly busy, plus just a lot happening at the same time (classes, work schedule, social commitments, etc.).  I hope to get back to the new one this month as I still want to focus on food.

The ones I’m considering are coffee, pizza, and chocolate bar recipes.  I’ve got a few ideas on these on how to analyze the dada, and am looking forward to the insights I’ll get analyzing food . . . because I can apply it in various ways.

Sailor Moon Book

In print, at Bonnies, and final editing is in her hands while I take over formatting.  So next up will be some blog and podcast tours to share things with people.  So far we’re on time for delivering in September.

We’re considering other pop culture books starting in 2017.


– Steve