Civic Geek: Grinding On

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Keeping up on the Civic Geekery here – or what I’m doing to be more of a citizen.  Posting this, of course, to inspire people.

One thing I found is that you can get “Samey” with what you do – I noted last time I got a bit disconnected.  So what I’ve done here is take a look at one group I’m helping and say “we’re kinda in a rut, what can I do?”  To get a meeting together.  Remember when being active, you can engage and improve – it is being civicly engaged, it’s being activist.

I also mentioned my disengagement and I found some of that is me.  Do not automate your political involvement and take your heart out of it, learn to connect with people.  I was feeling poorly but dragged myself to a political meeting, and it felt great.  To stay civic stay in touch with people.

Another thing I’ve done is worked to deliver news to my different political organizations – which is a bit challenging as you don’t want to be “that person” who just posts stuff.  So I set a limit of one a day or so maximum, if it promotes activism.

Finally, one big thing I’ve done is follow the news of activism more closely – don’t just do your thing, see what others are doing.  Post-Trump I’m amazed to see how many people got active but also how many people were active – you really never see the huge network that supports our society until you look.

I have fell off of my news following and really need to fix that – focused more nationally and missed a lot of local stuff.  It’s always important to stay local.

Still don’t quite feel I’ve got my civic mojo working, but I think it’s because I’m being pulled in many directions – and doing a lot.  Is my convention speaking civic engagement?  My work to have cross-club dinners?  It is, but I think figuring what’s important is hard.  However as I’m big on building community these things do matter.

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– Steve