Steve’s Update 1/22/2018

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Here’s my latest update  . . . and first of all . . .

So what have I done the last week(s)?

  • Been Sick: I either got food poisoning or a stomach flu and was laid up for awhile.  So nothing much else got done, especially when you add in the move.  Like, really I was not happy.
  • Way With Worlds Minibooks: The $2.99 thing really did not seem to encourage people to buy my books, so back to $0.99, or at least observe sales trends.  Maybe the “mini” nature means people DO value 99 cents, and they are for casual pickup.

What am I going to do this week:

  • “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” Back to editing.
  • The Move:  I’ve moved some social plans around to make space for this, so I hope it won’t impact my schedule much more.
  • Other Stuff: Pretty much it’s down to minimum here as I recover and move.


  • I probably need to assess my project schedule after or around this move.  But I expect to be on all cylenders in March.

– Steve