Steve’s Update 3/4/2018

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Here’s my latest update – I’m also going to  make it more personal.

So what have I done the last week?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Editing is in progress and I’m keeping a good pace.  Quite pleased with it.
  • Writing: Got a new column coming up on my productivity, and another Agile Manifesto post for creatives.
  • Seventh Sanctum: The “Registry” of other generators is going well – I just have to fill it out before launching.  So guess what I’m busy at . . .
  • Other: Still unpacking of course, and I have fleshed out more of my writing long-term plans.

What am I going to do this week:

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Just editing away of course.
  • Writing: Still doing blog posts.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Still stocking the new registry.


  • I think I got my commuting in place, so that should help me be more productive!
  • Next week I HOPE to start the rewrite of Epic Resume Go!
  • I won Tangledeep – definitely worth the time and money.  So now . . .
  • I’m on to Into The Breach.  Like FTL it’s challenging and compelling, but also its kind of stressful to play.  Do check it out.
  • I caught Black Panther.  Just see it.  Several times.  Wow.

– Steve