Steve’s Update 5/6/2018

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Whew, back at it after a week of recovering from allergies and a cold – and other people getting ill as well.  But it’s been productive – as I’ve focused on getting stuff done as opposed to spreading it out – you can read more of what slowed me down in this post.

So what have I done the last week?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: I took my first round of edits and got most of them into the book!  This was my major focus of the week.  I also started my series of little “info bits” on the setting!
  • Seventh Sanctum: I did a bit of polishing on the Strange God generator and The Nexus.
  • Agile Creativity: I got out the last post on Agile Principle #12 – and formatted it so I can edit the book.
  • Blogging: I’ve got a more relaxing series coming up – theories on Overwatch where I have fun stepping into a Product Owner/Producer mindset!
  • General Chores: I also pushed to get a lot of my monthly chores out of the way so I can focus!

What am I going to do this week?

The name of the game here is “focus.”  I also have a baby shower to go to and an event to run, so it might be a bit occupied.

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: I want to get in the rest of the edits from this given pre-reader.
  • Agile Creativity: Going to make a marathon push to get this edited for pre-readers.  Not 100% sure I can do it to be honest, but I’m going to give it ago.  If I can’t my goal will be to finish it NEXT week.

– Steve