Steve’s Update 3/1/2020

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And here’s my somewhat regular update! First thing, giveaways!

I am in a LOT of giveaways

I’m really enjoying these giveaways and plan to do more – with more books!

Now the rest of the update!

  • Way With Worlds: Taking a break for now. I’ll start the next book in a few months, unless I shift things around.
  • A School Of Many Futures: Just waiting on my editor – I hope to have feedback soon. I am still tweaking the “rewrite outline”
  • Seventh Sanctum: Rewriting away. I found problems with my new code, and mostly solved it (objects/classes are a treat for isolating code), but still have a few bugs to iron out. I wish this was going faster as I’m so close to having an essential site.
  • Blog: No big plans for now, let’s see if a series strikes me . . .
  • General:  Working to improve my marketing and expand my newsletter. Hey, gives us more friends to talk to . . .

Steven Savage