Steve’s Update 3/15/2021

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Still in a lot of giveaways, more to come:

Now the update!

  • Way With Worlds: The plans are shaping up – I’m going to do Disasters, and I’ll try to do one on Natural Disasters, one on Man-Made Disasters, and one on Disasters And Response. Disasters are a surprisingly deep subject. I plan to get at least two out this year.
  • A School Of Many Futures: Deep into the rewrite (chapter 3 of 14 is done tomorrow if all goes well). My goal is a May prereader release, then binge-edit June for a release in August.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Base error checking is done in the generators. So next up is to A) ship the code to a friend who’s a Python expert, and B) inventory the “oddball” generators to work on those.

Steven Savage