Steve’s Update 3/22/2021

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A School Of Many Futures: Still on track for May prereaders. Currently to chapter 5 of 14, but have to say 5 and 6 are weak and need to be revised – maybe combined. Still, its on track and I think you’ll love it.

Way With Worlds: I’m outlining the next 3 books, and as I said, all are about disasters. I’m planning to do one on Natural disasters, one on Man-Made, and one in general. Part of the idea is to give you ideas for NEW ways to torment your cast (hey, who things of subsiding land or hacked water systems?)

Seventh Sanctum: The generator inventory is done. I could probably convert 70-80% over of the near-200 I have easy. But now it’s time to tear into the weirder ones – oh and open a repository to share code with a friend whos helping.

Steven Savage