Steve’s Update 3/29/2021

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First, the giveaways I’m in!

Now the update!

A School Of Many Futures: Finished editing to the halfway point, and with a good sense of it, I’m doing a final outline to guide my writing. Still on track to have it ready for pre-reading in May, and publish late August.

Way With Worlds: I’ve got the book on natural disasters partially outlined, and need to finish that up. The other books in the series (man-made disasters and general disasters) will come next. This should be a great themed “run” for my books and I want to get one out in May when the prereaders are doing their things.

Seventh Sanctum: I took a break and am back at it, reviewing code and starting to add the more “weird” generator configurations. Hang in there, because here we go . . .

General: Still considering the “pile of blog posts” books I have. I will get them out, but am debating how much to edit and cut. Maybe I need more prereaders . . .

Steven Savage