Steve’s Update 4/25/2021

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Here’s what’s up with me!

The last week of this great giveaway for Writer’s books is here (and snag a rare FREE copy of Way With Worlds #1) –

A School of Many Futures is now to chapter 8 of 13. Hold on to your backsides, the story is much more of an emotional rollercoaster, the themes are stronger, AND an invisible guy gets hit in the groin with a quarterstaff. Because I deliver quality.

On the Way With Worlds series no real updates. I start the first book in May and should have it out EOM more or less. The new covers are coming, but I need to plot that easy.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite hit a milestone – I sorted out the “multiple option” generators for things like the Pizza generators. Now it’s on to the incredibly complicated ones like the superhero and anime generators. That’s gonna be painful.

Steven Savage