Steve’s Update 4/4/2021

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Here’s what’s up with me!

A School of Many Futures edit continues – and thanks to those singing on to preread! Right now I’m finishing a deep edit of Chapter 3 (of 13-14), about to rewrite Chapter 4, and hope to get done at the start of May. One thing I’m expanding on is the role of education in a techno-fantasy setting. The characters may be teachers, but when their specialty is safety and supernatural dangers, they may be missing a few things . . .

For the Way With Worlds series, I’ve outlined the core of the first book in the Disaster series – Natural Disasters! I’ll cover 40 or so natural disasters, as well as “high-level” questions for worldbuilders. Expect to get some thought provoking questions on everything from settling land to how disasters shape landscape.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite has gone into the more specialized generators with unusual control structures. I’ve inventoried them and now have to fit the architecture to work with them. Python and Flask make it pretty easy – the stress of the Pandemic does not. Still, not giving up – and inventorying the system will help me write a sequel to Chance’s Muse.

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