Steve’s Update 7/18/2021

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So where are my projects?

Giveaways – Grab a sample of “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet” here –

A School of Many Futures second prereader edit is done! Now I’m on to some style checks, then a re-review of editor comments. After that is a final readthrough/grammar check and publishing end of August!

Agile Writing Book: Well I decided to do this, but haven’t made plans yet. I do think it’ll be bingewritten to “keep the fire burning” and will be my next “new content” book. Probably out 2022.

The Way With Worlds series won’t see new books until November. I’m still planning the new covers, probably coming Sept-October.

Other books are actually in drafts – compendiums of various columns. I’m probably going to do something with that over the holidays or for fun. I won’t let it get in the way of other things, but literally I have two books ready to go from keeping past columns and tweaking them.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite had some major code breakthroughs! I sorted out a lot of oddball generators and tweaked my framework to be more adaptable! There’s only a few more left to do, so wish me luck!

Steven Savage