Steve’s Update 7/5/2021

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So where are my projects?

Giveaways – Whew, I have quite a few – which includes giveaways for my books and others! Lots of free stuff!

Think I overdid it?

The Way With Worlds series is still on hold. Right now I expect to write the next book in october and publish November.

A School of Many Futures editing sweep two is in progress! This is a very detailed sweep from a pre-reader who decided to basically give me free editing. This book is definitely way above the first one.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite continues to target the “weird” generators. However, I am taking some time to map out my code more so it’s easier to add the final set of features. The good news is the code I wrote supports even the “oddball” generators much better as it’s more adaptable.

Steven Savage