Steve’s Update 8/1/2021

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Let’s get a quick update on where I am! And that is exhausted!

It’s been a long two weeks of all sorts of changes, interruptions, distractions, etc. I’ve kept up on things, but just barely and a few things have slipped. Really a perfect storm of just everything. Plus side, I got an air fryer.

Now the update!


A School of Many Futures: I start the grammar check and a final editor readthrough. Then it’s on to assembling and converting the document! Looking good, though my release may end up being a few days into September (see above)

Agile Books: The next book on Agile and Writing is percolating away. However I probably won’t start it until October or November, so release is almost certainly in 2022.

The Way With Worlds series: Still on schedule for November for the next book on disasters (which will use the new cover style). Still no plan to alter the other covers, but I will start before end of year. I confess it’s tempting to do it all over the holidays, but also that’s sorta exhausting.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Held off a bit this week except for research on efficient launches. My big issue is making sure I’ve got the best python versioning setup so I don’t get behind (or quashed by an update). Still thinking we won’t see this until December or so.

Steven Savage