Steve’s Update 8/15/2021

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Whew, another busy week. Beyond the usual, COVID-19 got several people I know, which has been stressful. I’m now backing off of some social plans during the Delta spike.


A School of Many Futures: The grammar check and final edit is past the halfway point and finishes the coming week. Then it’s on to assembling the document. As noted earlier, the ebook release moved to mid-September and the final print release probably up to mid-October.

Agile Books: “Agile Writer’s Mindset,” my next Agile book, will pick up once I get through everything else – so probably October/November.

The Way With Worlds series: Expect “Man Made Disasters” in November as always. Not much has changed on the new covers, those will start when things are more quiet (maybe I should do one or two for practice.)

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but I did figure out the proper launch methods. Now I need to figure the best way to deploy python in this setup, then its back to generators. Sadly this tends to take a hit when other things build up, and I have to stop that.

Steven Savage