Steve’s Update 8/29/2021

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I did a lot of giveaways and yeah, it got out of hand. So here’s a quick list.

A School of Many Futures is in a final check and assembly. Near the end of the week, the book will be fully assembled, and the final check is one readthrough. Then it’s on to formatting!

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset” is still in the idea phase. But I am seeing how I have to balance practical exercises with psychology. I don’t want to prescribe a writing method, but methods that help you think different.

The Way With Worlds series still on hold until November. I’ll probably begin tackling the book late Sept/early October depending on how the publishing of ASOMF goes!

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite marches on, and is now down to three generators to rewrite. Well two rewrites and one involving annoyingly tricky configurations. More I think about it, maybe I should have finished up ASOMF before doing this, or just taken a 1-2 month break to deep dive on code. But live and learn!

Steven Savage