Steve’s Update 9/5/2021

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Two giveaways are in progress!

A School of Many Futures is assembled! Now it’s one final spellcheck on the entire document just in case, some formatting tweaks, finishing the cover, and eBook formatting. My worry – ironically – is the cover, which is very experimental. I may do that last and accept that if it looks bad in print, I can switch it.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset”: Hasn’t been on my mind as much for obvious reasons. I’m debating brainstorming WITH you folks on it . . .

The Way With Worlds series: Yeah, we know, not until November, covers coming whenever.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Three generators left, though it’s been a little hard right now with work and a very, very hard to find bug in the superhero name generator. Starting to kick around an idea – maybe I launch with most generators and just get the oddballs later? I also need to work out a rerouting system for the old generators.

Steven Savage