Steve’s Update 6/13/2022

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“Think Agile, Write Better”:  Is in progress as you saw!  I’m writing away, though it’s not as fast as I’d like to due to that style change.  I’m going to try to get out out ASAP either way to get feedback – that’s a hint, by the way.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I completed the final test launches and am ready to go!  So now just some final testing and finding the time to launch!  The hardest part is that all the elements are straightforward (Python, Passenger, Flask) but getting the configurations right is the problem.

The Way With Worlds series: Pretty much on hold until late Q3 except the cover conversion.  I am pleased my last book on Misinfo, Disinfo, and Propaganda is selling so well!

Social Media Realignment: Not much right now.  Overall happy with where I am, so I’ll consider this “mostly done.”

The Compendium of Writing Advice: Not touching it until after launching Seventh Sanctum.

Steven Savage