Steve’s Update 9/11/2022

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OK I think I have a grasp on my schedule. It’s been a wild time – first I get COVID, then go back to work as the financial year ends, then deal with allergies, heat waves, and more. So I’ve had to stretch out my schedule.

I also would note for 2023 my plan is to leave me more space to experiment with a big focus on the worldbuilding books and creative empowerment.

“Think Agile, Write Better”: Back to editing this, with a plan to (hopefully) send it to beta readers in early October.  I also have one more Agile book I want to write, and am not sure when I want to do that in 2023.

The Way With Worlds series: I’m aiming to do just one more book this year instead of two – losing one month threw off a lot.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Really just need to find a day, so as I am hitting max vacation balance, let’s see if that helps.  Right now I’m doing a code/launch review to refresh my memory.

Steven Savage