Steve’s Update 10/16/2022

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“Think Agile, Write Better”: Waiting on prereaders right now.  At this rate, I hope to edit it over November and maybe take advantage of a few extra days off around Thanksgiving.  There’s still time to pre-read (moreso if my other pre-readers are taking their time).  It might go a little longer, unfortunately.

The Way With Worlds series: Disaster response is in progress!  This one surprises me, and is going to be a nice, broad book on things to think of – including reader sensitivity. I’ve also started updating the book covers, so look for the new visuals on my History and Calendar books!

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Looking like this might be November – I might have a trip.  Fortunately, I launched another site and used it to practice.

Future Work:

  • Fiction/RPG – Still considering an Avenoth RPG, but if I do it’d start sometime later next year.
  • Blog Compendium – I’ll probably start this once I get through some of the other work (so December, January).  It’s really something to do in big chunks of time, so I might actually do it over a break – let’s face it, I mean “Christmas.”
  • Creativity and Advice – No major projects right now.
  • “Other Stuff” – I am looking at some art/writing projects under my other pen names (this isn’t the only one).

Finally, giveaways!

Steven Savage