Steve’s Update 10/30/2022

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Here’s my latest update!

“Think Agile, Write Better”: Haven’t heard back from my pre-readers yet, but I know at least one has gotten busy, so there’s a chance this is going to slip.  I do NOT want this put out without pre-reader input, so I might do another editorial run and then begin then in December.  If you want to pre-read, let me know!

The Way With Worlds series: Continuing to write Disaster Response and Worldbuilding which is, again, really making me think.  The big realization is a lot of our pop culture doesn’t focus on response if it’s not “interesting” – which means we forget worldbuilding.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: My November trip is cancelled (probably) so now its just finding a weekend.  Plus turns out I’ve banked too many vacation days at work . . .

Finally, giveaways!

Steven Savage