Steve’s Update 11/13/2022

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First, giveaways:

On the Way With Worlds books I’m plugging away at the “Disaster Response” book, though it’s slower because this is intense.  I still hope to have it out this year – then do three more next year.  I have no idea what the themes are, so will be coming to you!  Also I want it as further away from writing about disasters as possible, that’s been a little much for a year.

You’ll also see the Way With Worlds new covers appear in the future.  I’m debating if I do it all at once or over time.  All at once is probably best, I just have to shoehorn it between current projects.  You’ll definitely dig how the new format looks for the different themes!

As for Think Agile, Write Better, my Beta readers are also having busy lives.  I expect to get feedback around December, which means it’ll hopefully be out end of February.  I appreciate those of you who signed up, and look forward to hearing from you – there’s a lot to learn!

Seventh Sanctum as noted is just out when it’s out since I have to do some custom setup for the migration.  I’m hoping within the next few weeks – and you can see the beta here – .  After that, we’ll see what I do with it, as I have some ideas for reusing the code for other projects.

Steven Savage