Convention Spotlight: Anime Saint George

Anime Saint George is unusual – a large scale anime con in southern
Utah.  However, fandom is everywhere and Anime Saint George, aka Anime
SG, has big plans and interesting ideas.  I sat down to discuss their
ideas with the PR head and asked about her profan and progeek events.

First, the convention works to give good deals to get professional
guests and local businesses to get support, trade ad space, provide
dealer's tables etc.  Many people are glad to try interesting trades,
exchanges and opportunities to support a convention.

Secondly, the convention looks to find a balance of local
fan-to-pro guests – local guests may not be down the street, they may
be a few hours a way.  It's a good example that you need to keep a good
focus of who is available – you can range too wide or too far in
getting guests.

Finally, the convention has events specifically focused on starting
out and breaking-into careers – covering things that may get glossed
over too easily for people eager to start out their new jobs or

The PR head in fact told me that she's gotten new career ideas just
doing the convention – specifically, event planning as a career.  who
knows what she'll be speaking on in the next few years.

Utah doesn't have a lot of conventions.  So give this one a look – and
see if there might be a panel and some networking that helps your

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– Steven Savage