Make It So: Code At Cons

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Coding is vitally important in our high-tech world. It’s not just a skill you use in a career, but something that is vital for empowering people. Being able to do a web page on your own, making a helpful macro, understanding a script is the key to using modern tools and understanding how the world works. I’m guessing you’ve coded at least a little bit if you’re reading it -just think what you wouldn’t know without it.

Imagine every time you have to explain something technical to someone with no experience.  Imagine how disempowered they are.

This is why I’m glad to see organizations and events promoting coding, such as:

So I got thinking. Coding is important. We’re geeks and we probably know it or should know it. We’d like to empower our fellow geeks – and ourselves.

There’s something we can do, and I want to suggest we Make It So.

We need to hold Learn To Code Events at conventions.

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