T-9 Days: Cover Me

So the book is edited and just waiting to be formatted, and now it's on to the cover.

The problem of course is that the cover is for an eBook, and the rules are a bit different.  The cover's really only going to be seen as an icon or a blurb on a screen people go through, so I'm not going to an artist.  If I do a print version, that'll possibly have a new cover, but right now I have to make something that shows up on the eBook stores.

This isn't always as clear as it seems, and it's a strange balance:

  • You have to make it clear.
  • You have to make it interesting.
  • You have to make it readable.
  • You have to do it in the small space that will appear on people's screens.

My previous self-made covers have been mixed bags, so I'm sticking with my retro interest and going for abstract, somewhat colorful, and clear text.

Wish me luck.  Nine more days.

You can find more about the book at the website.

Steven Savage

Random Thoughts on Cover Art

I was thinking about electronic distribution – indeed, not a surprise for any of our long-term readers.  However among my usual speculations, it struck me that electronic distribution is changing cover art.

Think of how used we are to cover art.  It's on our albums, it's on our books, it's on our games – and also in advertisements for those products.  It's omnipresent and at times surprisingly impressive (paging Boris Vallejo and Michael Whelan).

Only now, with electronic products, things are changing.

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