Geeky Resumes and More: Know Your Audience

Video resumes.  Retaggr cards.  Portfolios on lovely-labeled DVDs. profiles.  Personal web pages.

What counts as a "resume" today seems to be a collection of items and supplements, all swirling around the actual print (or electronic resume).  Today's resume is an amorphous, complex thing, that's frankly confusing – because there's just so many amazing and cool things we can do.  Let's call them "Resume Materials"

Some of us remember when all you needed was a cover letter and a resume and maybe a portfolio because that was all you could do.  Making a videotape or a Flash presentation and the like just wasn't something people did in their job searched.  Of course what people do now has been empowered by all the technology that . . . well people like us are using.

There's a lot of options for the progeeks out there to go beyond a simple resume and into a crazy world of amazing resume materials..  However, there's an important question to ask before you burn the DVDs, make the video interview, and soforth.

That question is . . . does it actually do any good?

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