Taking My Date To Cantown. Homestuck Creator To Work On Datesim

No.  Really.

Now I’ll remark that this is great.  Andrew Hussie is clearly a dynamic and energized person who can create things and to say the least stick with a project.  I’m glad to see him getting even more to do, even if I’m not really into Homestuck.

So kudos for his one phenomena leading to another job!

Except it’s a datesim where, and I’m not making this up, you date Namco-Bandai characters.  Really.  In a High School.  I’m not even sure how to process this level of strangeness yet, except maybe it’s some kind of hope to move datesims over here, influenced by School Doll Culture (Monster High/Ever After High/Equestria Girls), or . . . the super robot games.  Or something.

Look I have no idea.  But maybe this’ll open up datesims more in the American market.  Or something.

Man, the “homestuck” part of this is unsurprising.

– Steven


Go Farther: Date Sim Redux

Tamara had mentioned to me that if you're going to have a Scott Pilgrim game that's a beat-em-up, you should also add another appropriate game – DateSim.

This made me think that, indeed, there's many properties that could benefit from DateSims as I mentioned before.  I'd love to see the Venture Brothers get a DateSim of the supervillain characters (who often have complex romantic lives).  You could do one with Legion of Superheroes, the superhero soap opera.  DateSims, could be everywhere . . .

 . . . except right now it seems they're already starting to make their way into the RPG Genre.  Yep, the DateSim snuck in under our noses.

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