Geek As Citizen: David Goyer And Lessons Learned

So let’s go where this all started.  The podcast called Scriptnotes  included an interview with David S. Goyer – who is writer and producer on Sandman, writer on justice League, tapped for a Superman sequel.

The host suggested rather colorfully that She-hulk was intended as a kind of male fantasy.  Goyer then suggested she was intended to be a sexual partner for the Hulk (despite being cousins),  and meant to appeal to geeks.

Now having insulted a character that was popular, he then discussed the Martian Manhunter that led into a crude She-Hulk Joke, and insulted geeks by suggesting those who heard of the character were probably virgins.

As you may guess, people reacted to this mix of sexism, anti-geekery, and disrespect rather forcefully.  Just a sample:

There’s a lot to learn here relating to geek citizenship ( as well as the general lesson of “don’t be an a-hole.”). Let’s break it down.

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