Geek As Citizen: David Goyer And Lessons Learned

So let’s go where this all started.  The podcast called Scriptnotes  included an interview with David S. Goyer – who is writer and producer on Sandman, writer on justice League, tapped for a Superman sequel.

The host suggested rather colorfully that She-hulk was intended as a kind of male fantasy.  Goyer then suggested she was intended to be a sexual partner for the Hulk (despite being cousins),  and meant to appeal to geeks.

Now having insulted a character that was popular, he then discussed the Martian Manhunter that led into a crude She-Hulk Joke, and insulted geeks by suggesting those who heard of the character were probably virgins.

As you may guess, people reacted to this mix of sexism, anti-geekery, and disrespect rather forcefully.  Just a sample:

There’s a lot to learn here relating to geek citizenship ( as well as the general lesson of “don’t be an a-hole.”). Let’s break it down.

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Combining Careers And Interests: Be Where the Future Is

UseYourGeekery – where the future is.

What you doWhat you createWho you work forWhere you workWho you work with.  All ways to channel your hobbies, fantoms, obsession, geekery, and otakudom into careers.  All specific ways to turn what you like into a job and a life.

But there's one more way you can use your interests to create a job, career, and even a new profession.  You can base your job, your place of work, your career on where you see the future going.

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