Frustration Friday: Show Me The Bunker

As of late, I'm seeing more apocalyptic thought, often from people I figure were immune to the "world is ending" panics and fads.  A lot of this seems to have been brought on by the financial meltdown, but there's usually a bit more science to them; environmental concerns, Peak Oil, and so forth.  There's usually some conspiracy theories thrown in here and there, completely ignoring people's ability to be rock stupid without someone nefarious pulling their strings.

I'm not saying there are problems in the world; there are.  Now as this blog is about careers and economics, the meltdown of the entire world is relevant to me, as you're going to have trouble programming video games in the future hellscape that some people are predicting.

Here's the problem: I see a lot of posturing but little talk of solutions or, at best, how the person ranting about the fall of mankind is going to survive.

In short, if you think the world is doomed, show me your bunker or shut up.  Because otherwise, you're just posturing and whining about the economy, the environment, or whatever.

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