Links Of The Day 10/8/2013

What’s up today?

Let’s get depressed in looking at how . . . well dumb Americans are compared to other people.  The computer skills part flips me out, frankly.  Well this tells you about your audience – and maybe some opportunities to train or help people.

Speaking about training, here’s an excerpt that trashes crap advice books fro 1909.  NOTHING has changed, has it?  No.  Worth reading – and a warning on the advice you may be getting from various sources, it may have been crap for 100 years.

I just found out about this evolving writing site, Describli.  Keep an eye on it . . .

Games-wise news: SquareEnix is porting some Dragon Quest games to smartphones.  Well you’ve got my attention – and this is a beloved series which has it’s mobile series as well.  Smart move – and a reminder again that phones are a great way to re-release games.

Amazon wants to lure in Kindle developers and is offering rewards.  They want this pretty damn bad apparently – if you want to take advantage of it is another question.

The BBC has gotten into its own store for downloading and keeping shows.  Interesting move.  So who’s next – and how will this affect media alliances?

– Steven “Now Available On Mobile” Savage