Geek Catalog Update: 7/26/2014


So here’s my latest additions to the geek catalog (which is sorted by your geekery or your community focus).  Go on, get involved!

We’ve got a heaping helping of Citizen Science, resources for female geekery, and more!


  • Female Geeks
    • Geek Feminism Blog – A blog on women’s issues in geekdom, as well as other human/civil issues in that sphere. Also has excellent news roundups.
  • Health
    • Operation Hammond – A network of medical professionals and trained people that provide medical services for conventions and staff training.



  • Citizen Science
    • Citizen Science Alliance – A collaborative effort of scientists, software developers, and educators to promote and organize citizen science and citizen science projects, as well as science awareness. Their projects are tracked in
    • Scientific America’s Citizen Science Page – Scientific American’s resource for citizen scientists, listing projects and updates. A good way to find something to fit your interests.
    • SciStarter – A site to find, join, and contribute to scientific endeavors. Contains a large database of citizen science projects for you to check out.
    • Zooniverse – The Citizen Science Alliance’s website for hosting citizen science projects. A good place to go and find specific projects to get involved in.
  • Environment
    • Nerds For Nature – And all-volunteer organization that brings together communities, scientists, and technologists to understand and preserve nature, including hands-on projects. Located in California.
  • Female Geeks
    • Mothercoders – An organization focused on helping mothers get tech-savvy and up-to-date for this economy.

Video Games

  • History
    • Atari Party – A Californian organization that hosts events with hands-on use of classic Atari game consoles. Always looking for volunteers – and you can always found your own!


  • General
    • NaNoWriMo – Everyone knows National Novel Writing Month, but they’re an organization that relies on organizers, donations, and more – and that’s your chance to get involved!