Elder Geeks Speak: Talking Careers

So I’m an Elder Geek. I’m 45. I saw Akira in the theaters (and was confused). I saw Star Wars first run. I remember the first “Cosmos” and have the book. You get the idea – or at least I hope you do.

I also speak on careers. I write on careers. I also encourage my fellow Elder Geeks who’ve been around the block a few times to do the same because let’s face it, we’ve got the experience and should share it. Also the economy is in tatters, so hey, let’s help people out here.

Except sometimes, it’s hard. It’s challenging to bridge the gaps between us and people ten, twenty, even thirty years younger. Things have changed, technology has changed, jobs has changed, and there is that whole smoking-ruin-of the economy thing I mentioned. It’s hard to explain how to survive in the economic wasteland when you’re coming from a different background.

So, as I look at my next round of convention talks, and as I encourage my fellows to talk about careers at cons, blogs, random gaming sessions, etc. I wanted to share what you can do to help talk to the younger geek crowd about careers. Trust me, it’s needed.

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