Link Roundup 10/3/2013

Slow day today, possibly because the U.S. government is busy melting down so we’re all distracted.

  • Twitter files for IPO.  We knew it was coming, so here we go – and is it just me or is the reaction kind of “meh?”  I’d watch this since the politics in the US are probably eclipsing it.
  • In teaching or thinking of going into it?  A look at teacher status around the world, and a look at the US.
  • If you’re in a robot controlled fund you’ve probably lost money.  Just so you know.
  • Political blog ThinkProgress takes a break from the shutdown for a fascinating discussion of Mary-Sueism and literature involving the Bone Season.  A lot to think about here since I do think Mary-Sueism creates roadblocks to literary development – and is way too common to not be limiting (and I count Gary-Stuism in this).

– Steven “Shutdown” Savage


Your Career Is A Bunch Of Investments

I manage my own investments (which I'm kind of glad of considering the market).  Now you may not be up for managing your investments, but there is one you should manage – your career.

Think about what an investment is – you put money into something (stocks, land, a business), from which you expect to get benefits that are greater than the money and effort you put into it.  The benefits may not be the same (an investment of time may make money, and investment of money may yield fame, etc.), but the principle is the same – put something in that yields more.

Your entire career is a series of investments.  Indeed your life is.

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