Link Roundup 10/23/2013

– Steven “Rossed the Crubicon” Savage

Link Roundup 10/3/2013

Slow day today, possibly because the U.S. government is busy melting down so we’re all distracted.

  • Twitter files for IPO.  We knew it was coming, so here we go – and is it just me or is the reaction kind of “meh?”  I’d watch this since the politics in the US are probably eclipsing it.
  • In teaching or thinking of going into it?  A look at teacher status around the world, and a look at the US.
  • If you’re in a robot controlled fund you’ve probably lost money.  Just so you know.
  • Political blog ThinkProgress takes a break from the shutdown for a fascinating discussion of Mary-Sueism and literature involving the Bone Season.  A lot to think about here since I do think Mary-Sueism creates roadblocks to literary development – and is way too common to not be limiting (and I count Gary-Stuism in this).

– Steven “Shutdown” Savage