Curry Diary 6/23/2013: Milestone Curry #2

Well this is unexpected.

Right after posting my Milestone Curry, I did a slight change of cooking – and it advanced how the Japanese Curry I’ve been working on for ages tastes.  In fact, it’s a significant change that I want to note here because it’s very educational.

In the last iteration of the Curry, I added Maple Syrup to the broth.  In this case I add it right to the roux and roast it along with the other ingredients   This roasting/carmelization adds a richer taste, makes a thicker sauce, and actually seems to amplify the tastes.

As I look at various curries, a surprising amount of odd things go right into the roux.  I think next I may need to try the cocoa powder earlier.

Anyway, on to the recipe – and there are some changes in how it’s put together.

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