Is Your Job B.S.?

Ask this question.

There’s a lot to chew over here.  But I think he hits on issues of what jobs really do and what we’re really doing.  It fits into a theory I’ve been kicking around about cultural sustainability – do we have an economy and culture that can go on?

Might want to ask what your career really is.

– Steven Savage

Resume-Worthy Followup!

You know that one of her favorite words around here at Fan To Pro is "resume worthy." That, of course, is our term for the kind of company that should get your resume, often because they are cool, make neat things, and of course have probably received boatloads of venture capital. What can I say? We progeeks have got to help those folks spend that investment money wisely.

I'm sure you see our listings here of “resume–worthy” companies. I'm sure you see them yourself when you read the news, glance over blogs, or read interesting e-mails from your fellow pros and friends. We all do it, looking at the company and saying "wow, it would be cool to work there."

We all say that. So let's make sure those of us looking for work follow-up on it as well.

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