Use This Idea: Library Swaps For Authors!

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One thing I want to return to is posting cool ideas for people to try, a bit like idea tithing that I mention in my Brainstorm Book. This one is for we indie authors.

Being an author we want to be read after all, and reach people. It’s also nice to help people out with our writing, and I find that “helpful” approach keeps us empathizing with people. Finally, it helps to meet other authors to network and make friends.

This idea combines all three. I call it the Library Swap. It works like this:

  1. Indie authors from across the country (or planet) team up online.
  2. Every month, they team up in pairs and send each other copies of their books.
  3. Each person takes the books sent to them and donates them to a local library. The libraries get something to sell or new stock depending on how they’re inclined.
  4. Next month, authors switch up and do it all over again – plus that way they get to know each other.

So now every month, indie author’s works are being distributed around the country or world. Every month authors get a chance to get to know each other. Libraries get new stock or something to sell to raise money. Authors get a chance to reach new readers.

Like the idea? Want to try it out? Let me know how it goes – or if you’d like to team up.

Steven Savage