Resumes Of Fury: How Your Job Search Is Like A Fighting Game

The job search is like a fighting game.  Yes, I dare compare the noble endeavor of sending out endless streams of resumes to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Knights of Smash-Face, and whatever else is out there where buttons are mashed and pain is delivered.

Think about it.  You seek victory, while pursuing vague and at times poorly-worded motivations. You travel to strange locations, wear outfits you never would normally, and engage assorted people in what feels like sparring matches The only difference is you usually don't get two chances per encounter to win, you get one.  Also giant lizard ninjas don't spit poison on you as much.

Fighting Games teach us important truths about the job search.  Yes, without the benefit of alcohol that you can prove, I'm saying victory in the job search is like victory in a fighting game – you want to call on specific moves to win.

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