Link Roundup 8/21/2013

Seems we’ve got a lot of interesting news lately.

Disney/ABC is having layoffs.  Interesting but not unexpected as the company is obviously changing focus.

Did you know we export garbage in the US for recycling?  Did you know China isn’t taking some of our stuff anymore?  Politics, science, and recycling intersect in a must read article that will remind you just how complex the global economy is.

Food for thought.  Can a donation model work for streaming music?

Al-Jazeera America’s strategy includes a return to news styles we’re kind of missing.  I’ve been concerned that America’s quality of news – sensationalistic, specialized, and for short attention spans – leaves us vulnerable in a global market.  Sure Al-Jazeera has reputation issues now, but what if they overcome them?

– Steven Savage


80’s, Metal, Hair, Glam

I remember the 80’s music fondly, and often call it a Cambrian Explosion of music.  Oh, there are things we regret, or mock, or that didn’t age well, but there was just a lot of creative ferment.  There was also a lot of fun stuff, and last night I just went on an 80’s jam and remembered.

I was speculating on Hair Metal after going through some music, that kind of pop-metal prettyboy music that was at times mocked, and I think unfairly.  I loved Def Leppard, for instance, and they’re still making great fun jams all these years laters.  C’mon, how many of us will hear the beat and go “Gunter glieben glauchen globen” automatically?

More technically called Glam Metal, as I understand, and frankly, I think that’s a far more accurate name for it.

When I tried to describe what the typical “Hair Metal” band looks like, I ended up saying “Sex Pirates” because theres’s a mix of pretty, leather, and a bit of danger.  Really, just take a look at Ratt for instance, it’s like a critical explosion of Johnny Depp (I frankly think of Krokus as having glam elements as well).

I think really when you look at “Glam Metal” It’s a very appropriate term because you can see a lot of glam influence, and frankly a bit of boyband in it – tight pants and guys with great hair is not just there to appeal to the closeted males in the audience.  It’s also just a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m glad to hear lately there’s a revival of the style.  I like a good hard metal sound, but also like good riffs and some fun spectacle.  I still fondly remember some of the crazy videos, and like the idea of bands not taking themselves too damn seriously.

– Steven Savage

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A Roundup Of Musical Passings

Music is only intermittently covered here (the whole HoloPac thing was our first in awhile), but I didn’t realize that we had a week where we lost so many people from the music industry.

  • Dick Clark – Who needs no introduction.
  • Greg Ham – Of “Men At Work”
  • Levon Helm – Of “The Band.”
  • Jim Marshall – Who gave us the Marshall amp
  • Bert Wheedon – The man that gave us a lot of guitar lesson books (that infuenced many a musician).

Just a quick roundup so we can remember.

Steven Savage