The Passing Of Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Neil Armstrong was my childhood hero.  I wanted to be an astronaut as a child (who didn’t), but it was serious for me, and that led me into science and computers, which has been my calling to this day.  Neil was one of my inspirations because he walked on the Moon.

He was the first person to set foot on another world in human history.  He and two other brave, hearty, souls strapped into a giant pillar of fuel designed by intelligent men who had never done anything like this, and got shot into the void of space.  Then they managed to land on the surface of the Moon and walk on it.  Then, they came back.  He was the hero we remember the most out of a great deal of heroes, geniuses, planners, thinkers, and doers.

In today’s high-tech world of iPads and streaming video, of 3D printers and artificial joints, you also have to remember this was done in the 60’s.

He’s gone now.  He’s also immortal.

Next time you look up at the night sky you remember he made it up there.  Remember all the people with him, all the people who made the rocket and the lander and the suits, all of that effort and fear and inspiration and courage.

And because of that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

The, with the moon shining down on you, go back to your life.  Go on to do great things.  Go on and remember the hero we remember and the many heroes with him and behind him.

Find your own moon and your own walk upon it and never, ever quit.  Shoot yourself into the void between hope and result and face it with bravery.

Neil Armstrong was my first hero.  I think I made a pretty damn good choice of first heroes.

– Steven Savage