Link Roundup 10/25/2013

– Steven “Really Sad He Made A Breaking Bad Joke” Savage

Link Roundup 10/21/2013

In the US, 15% of youth 16 through 24 aren’t employed or in school.  Needless to say that’s got some unpleasant economic and cultural repercussions down the road, and may be something we’re revisiting (and fixing) in the next decade.  I suppose at least we’re still having sex.

Good for Netflix?  They’ve surpassed HBO’s viewer base.  Bad?  The binge viewing they created may work against them.  The first is obvious and should give people pause (and get you sending resumes).  The second is an issue because it messes with earning reports and often involves paying a lot up front to recover it years later.  Not a big issue – but a damn good reminder of the complexities of how technology changes even simple things like accounting.

Gaming has had over $5 billion in mergers and acquisitions globally.  Article six thousand and whatever in “gaming is a big thing” news.  But worth remembering.

Finally California is getting a bullet train and the complaining has begun.  Plus side, lots of job potentials for a long time . . .

– Steven “Amortizing Your Viewing Experience” Savage

Link Roundup 10/10/2013

We need a name for this thing.  Where are we?

  • Agendas of SHIELD got picked up for a full season despite mediocre results (and yours truly is NOT impressed).  That’s a bet on Whedon, let’s see where it goes.
  • John Malone wants to compete with Netflix – by banding together cable companies.  An interesting suggestion and a reminder that there’s a lot of power out there that could oppose Netflix.  Will it happen . . . I have no idea.  Could provide a market shakeup – and quite a few job opportunities I imagine . . .
  • Smartphones are getting larger, tablets are getting smaller.  Which suggests some kind of convergence along with a heavy dose of the incredibly obvious.  Also a pain for programmers and media producers trying to deal with the insane footprints.
  • Actually one player in smartphones is Samsung, and they along with other companies in Aisa are targeting Silicon Valley.  Beyond the opportunities in Silicon Valley for employment it keeps cementing the Valley’s reputation (especially as I think it’s splitting a bit between SF and Silicon Valley properly).
  • Maybe you’re looking at a startup, and Amazon wants to support you.  That’s a smart move for them with all the services they provide and the opportunities people need.  May even be useful for you.
  • From success to failure, it looks like Blackberry may end up being taken to pieces.  OK gang, if you’re there you know it’s time to go, and if someone buys a chunk of it that could change opportunities.
  • Game developer?  Valve is hosting a developer-only event for their Steam Machines.  You know you want to go . . . even if you’re not a developer.  Damn it.
  • If Washington doesn’t crash the world economy there’s more hope with a decline in Greek Youth Unemployment, though it’s still pretty bad.

– Steven “Smartphone Tablet” Savage.