Everyone Is Trying To Make A Smart Watch

No, really the list is pretty insanely huge.

This recalls the possibility Dell is moving into wearable computing.  Which considering their state is probably less of a gamble than doing nothing.

I’d say that this seems to be a space everyone wants to be a part of, but we know not everyone can succeed, so my take is A) This seems to be “a thing,” B) Most companies are going to get roasted like nuts.  Remember when Computerized TV was going to be big?  Yeah, exactly, that’s still meandering around.

So let me make my take clear: yes this is a thing people want to do, but the competition and questionable demand clearly make it a gamble at the very least.  Don’t go betting your career on it – and considering the way Computerized TV has meandered, it may not be a safe bet on any of this working spectacularly.

Also, you can guess Google Glass Envy is part of this – wearable computing has big hype.

– Steven