The Fake You And The Real You

I'm guessing there's a very good chance that, in your career you're not quite "yourself."  You've got a lot of things you do to get through the day, a lot you put up with, a lot you do or don't do that you dislike.  My guess is you do these things to protect the "real you."

You know what I'm talking about.  You're not taking that initiative at work because you don't want to make waves.  You're not relocating to that place you want because it takes too long to plan.  You're not taking that class you want to take because you want to be in the "right frame of mind."  You don't speak your mind to people because people won't get the real you.

Know what?  You've got a Fake You defending the Real You.  You're probably busy protecting the Real You right now so some day that Real You can get out and do its things.  Except you've got it backwards.

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