50 Shades Of Resume #41: The Scrolling Show


An-Ni Wang is a web designer and interactive developer. So you may guess that her resume is going to be a bit different. In fact, it’s a scrolling, semi-interactive web resume showing skills, abilities, history, and more.

The resume, as you scroll through it (and, yes, it’s mobile compatible), uses different graphs, charts, and maps to describe her abilities. Each section uses a different way to present her vital information, often with animations. There’s even a portfolio.

Finally, she caps it off with a regular resume that’s nicely minimalist (though I still argue skills should go first, but by now you’re probably sick of hearing me say that).

This is another one of those “completely itself” resumes in a way – but she uses good, smart design principles that provide a lot of lessons:

  • It’s not pretentious. It’d be easy to show off, but instead its humorous, with bouncy animations Ms. Wang’s personal stats, clever diagrams, and a sense of fun.
  • It’s innovative. There’s clearly a lot of though and imagination here.
  • It shows skill. By mixing up the resume and using many ways to show data, it actually shows her ability to turn data into understandable displays. This is real money-where-your-mouth-is stuff.
  • It’s got a set, effective, minimal color scheme. This keeps it precise and shows good design sense.
  • It displays a lot of information in many different ways. If you’re perusing this resume you can pick up quite a bit about her, from her job history to the SEO abilities on top of her technical skills.
  • It doesn’t get boring – and it’s a long resume. In this case she uses different forms of data presentation to make you wonder “what comes next.”
  • Having it multi platform is very smart – and shows more skill.
  • Capping it off with a regular resume is a good move – makes it easier on recruiters and is considerate.
  • Having a menu bar at the top is an important and thoughtful addition.

There’s really only one quibble I have:

  • I think some of the charts/graphs aren’t well explained (is “Hot” better than “Ninja”?). It might confuse some people.

A solid, enjoyable resume. Definitely one that was fun to analyze. But if I got this on the job . . .

Steve’s Summary: Show me this resume on the job and I’m a happy guy, this is someone who really cares about what they do, wants to communicate it, and has imagination. Plus I got a regular resume to hand people less inclined to appreciate the creativity!

[“50 Shades of Resume” is an analysis of various interesting resumes to celebrate the launch of the second edition of my book “Fan To Pro” and to give our readers inspiration for their own unique creations.]

– Steven Savage